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Yoga Mat

Dark purple
Bamboo cyan
Lake Blue

How does this product work?

This Yoga Mat uses the finest environmentally friendly and harmless TPE materials and has a printed position line to help beginners who may be looking to start doing yoga, making starting more standard and a lot easier. Also, this mat is waterproof and uses non-slip technology giving you good grip and free sliding even if you sweat often and allows you to leave your mat outside without any worry. No matter the experience, this Yoga Mat is the best gift for yoga lovers, with the perfect thickness of padding so there is no discomfort or risk of injury as the Mat provides excellent support and can absorb the impact on the joints. 

Key Benefits:

1. Waterproof and non-slip: special design makes the yoga mat have a good grip and free sliding, even if you often sweat
2. Made of environmentally friendly materials: TPE can be recycled, decomposable, non-toxic and tasteless, and harmless to you.
3. Perfect thickness: 6mm high-density pad can absorb the impact on the joints, providing excellent support for users at all levels, especially for beginners.
4. Extra-long: 183*61*0.6cm body position line



What is included in this purchase?

1x Yoga Mat


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